2017-2018 Jefferson Awards Recipient – The Larimer Consensus Group


The members of Larimer Consensus Group (LCG) have donated their time, skills, thoughtfulplanning and commitment to the revitalization of
the East End neighborhood of Larimer. Through networking, fundraising and other hard work, LCG has stayed true to its mission of creating affordable, quality housing in a green community that has environmental and economic sustainability. They work together with fellow residents to overcome the neighborhood’s challenges, largely stemming from abandoned houses and vacant lots.
LCG maintains an organic raised bed garden with active composting, a working greenhouse and its own Farmers’ Market. They have planted trees and shrubbery throughout the community and provided raised beds in the yards of residents who cannot participate in the main garden. They have also planted seeds among East Liberty Boulevard and have cleaned out three abandoned lots to create green spaces. The entire Larimer community, with its new housing and its movement towards green sustainability, has benefited from the volunteer work of the Larimer Consensus Group. For more information on the Larimer Consensus Group visit larimerconsensusgroup.org or call 412-441-1476.